Sunday, May 8, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse - Florence

Recently I wrote two articles for this website concerning the Logan’s Restaurant in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The articles were about the bad service and food that I had gotten there over a few visits. I had stated that I had always been a Logan’s fan, especially the restaurant in Florence. Thinking about it, I realized that I had not been to the Florence location in some time. So, off I go.

I arrived at the Logan’s Restaurant in Florence on a Saturday afternoon at around 5:30 PM. We were seated promptly. To be fair with the comparison, I decided to order the same thing that I did last time from the Muscle Shoals location. Right off the bat, my chili came and it was scalding hot. Okay, plus one for Florence. 

Our waitress brought my guest's and my dinner. It was freshly prepared and hot. A basket of rolls was added to our table. Our food was good. As I looked around the restaurant, I remarked to my guest “that the wait staff here seems happy.” Everyone was smiling and seemed to be enjoying their jobs. Before we left, the restaurant was packed and people were waiting outside for tables.

In summary, I would endorse the Florence location of Logan’s Restaurant. I talked to an employee of the Florence location while I was there and they told me that they hear bad things about the Muscle Shoals location all the time. That’s sad. My thought process would be swap some employees from Florence to the Muscle Shoals location and get it on track. Ahh, well, they didn’t ask my opinion. Until next time, go out and enjoy eating at our fine restaurants that the Shoals Area has to offer. 

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