Sunday, April 24, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse--Muscle Shoals: Part II

Quad-Ciies Cuisine recently published a review of Logan's Roadhouse in Muscle Shoals. Our reviewer, H.D., decided to give the eatery a second chance. Here's a blow-by-blow description of his most recent visit:

As much as I hate to, I guess I am going to have to write this article. Back on March 26, 2016, my article was published on this website relating my three bad experiences at the Logan’s in Muscle Shoals, AL. I thought with the views that the articles got that somehow it would filter back to the Logan’s management. I guess it didn’t.

My guest and I went to Logan’s in Muscle Shoals on April 21, 2016, at around 6:15 PM. There were about 10 people waiting in the lobby for tables. We approached the podium and I saw that there was several tables open in the bar area. I asked about them and was told that “first come, first serve on them.” Well, that is better than our last visit. We sat at one of the bar area tables.

The waitress got our order in a timely fashion. I am thinking they have got their act together since last time. There is where it started going downhill. The waitress came to our table and said that “they did not have any rolls due to an email about a peanut allergy. However, they were making some more.” After she walked off, I looked at my guest and asked if I had misheard that. Nope, I didn’t.

I ordered Chili as an appetizer. It came pretty quick, but again, just as the last visits, it is cold. How do you not know Chili is hot? Once maybe twice, I could overlook it, but this is the fourth time. Sigh.

Our entrees came. My guest’s side was not correct and my main dish was not correct--not what I ordered. The waitress took it back and we got new plates shortly. I asked if there was some type of bread that I could have with my dinner. I was told “no.” Hmm, so I guess if I had ordered a sandwich, burger or slider, it would have not come with bread.

I give up. I was talking to a friend of mine who manages a restaurant in Muscle Shoals. I told him about my experiences with Logan’s. He said that he heard it all the time. People came into his restaurant after getting tired of Logan’s. I guess I will have to make my weekly trip across the bridge. Florence Logan’s, here we come again.


  1. I eat at the Logan's in Muscle Shoals on a weekly basis and usually sit in the bar area. This has not been my experience at all. My server always takes good care of us and knows us by name when we come in. Our food is prepared as ordered and always hot and good.

  2. I have always had a good experience at Ms logans. They just released a new menu with some really good stuff. I will continue to go there

  3. Every time I have eaten at MS Logan's, it's been poor customer service and and food always is like warm or cold

  4. I don't go there often because of the bad service. The firs time we went they had ran out of ranch dressing. So I had to just deal with another dressing for my salad. The next time I went only two of us ordered. We both ordered a salad with grilled chicken. It took over 30 mins for our salads to get there. It was not busy so that couldn't have been the reason for slow service. AND the chicken on my salad was cold. I have not been happy with them either.

  5. If you think MS Logans is bad, try the one in Decatur. It is absolutely the worst!!! On one visit there, I was presented with a survey and told that if I gave the server anything less than perfect in every category, she would be fired. Obviously that is no longer the solution. It sucks.

  6. My husband and I have eaten at the MS Logans and swear every time we leave we will never be back. It's a shame, that this restaurant has been ruined with it's terrible service, cold food and lack of managerial skills. Now when we want to go to Logan's, there is no question that we go to the Florence store.

  7. We were so excited to learn a Logan's was coming to our town. Our experiences have been so-so. I hope they get a better manager/chef/waitresses. I would hate for them to close their doors. I love having a steak house in Muscle Shoals.