Friday, August 7, 2015

The Crazy Little Chicken

The Crazy Little Chicken is located on extreme North Pine Street in Florence and specializes in all things chicken.

A workmate suggested we try The Crazy Little Chicken, a new cafe' in North Florence. She had wanted a working lunch, but my hunch was there would be no room for actually working if we ate inside. The eatery was extremely clean, in fact looked spotless, but there were only a few two-tops, so it was impossible to spread out. If you should want to eat in, you'll be sitting next to the either the order line or the restrooms.

There's quite a variety of menu items, all chicken based. I loved this, but my friend wanted beef. I'm not sure why anyone would expect anything but chicken considering the spot's name, but if you love chicken, this is your place.

It opened only recently, so even though it was lunch hour, we were the only customers. All items are cooked to order, so expect a small wait, but the food was delicious. They include ketchup, ranch, and honey mustard with the menu items, but if you want salsa or other dips, expect to pay extra. Chips are unseasoned, as seems to be the current trend.

We both had fries with our lunch and the portion size was quite large. Prices are in the mid range for a casual spot, but we both thought the food was worth it.

There are only two parking spots located next to the diner, but the owner's wife told us there is more in the back. The pavilion that served the former tenants is not in use at this time, but may be opened later.

Everyone was pleasant. The owner Cortez and all the staff speak Spanish, but “Mrs. Cortez” owns the embroidery shop next door and was present to communicate with us. It appears that the couple has invested in menus and signage, but word of mouth is often the best advertising.

If you don't like chicken, don't go. If you love chicken, this is well worth your time. Lack of variety, lack of parking, and communication problems are the only downsides to the establishment, so I suggest, all things considered, you give them a try.

Cherry Pitts


  1. I had beef nachos

  2. Went the first time today. The food was delicious!! And the service was great. Very friendly.