Saturday, March 26, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse--Muscle Shoals

From their website: Down-to-earth chain offering American standards like burgers & ribs, plus signature cocktails.

Let me start out by saying that I have always been a fan of the Logan’s Restaurant Chain. I have frequented the Logan’s in Florence since they opened. When I heard that Muscle Shoals was getting a Logan’s, I was so excited. This would be great since I live in Colbert County. Boy was I wrong.

The following takes place over the last three weeks with three visits to the Muscle Shoals Logan’s. I understand that a Restaurant can have an off day but the last three visits are above and beyond that. Let the tale begin.

Three weeks ago, I visited Muscle Shoals Logan’s on a Saturday afternoon around 6:00 PM. Upon walking into the restaurant, there was only a couple ahead of us. We were told that there was a 20 minute wait. Looking into the Bar area, I saw that there was 9 tables not being used and several bar stools empty. I told them that we would take one of those. We were informed that we had to be seated by a waitress even in the Bar area. So after about a 15 minute wait, want to guess where we were seated?

Yep, in the Bar area. We finally were able to order. My appetizer was cold, and the food was okay but nothing to brag about.Okay, the next week, we try again. This was on a Saturday afternoon around 3:30 PM. Walk in, and we are the only ones waiting. Restaurant was not that busy. It takes about 10 minutes to get seated. As I look around the restaurant, I see many empty tables. I hear the couple next to us complaining that they have been there for some time, waiting for their food. Our appetizer comes and guesses what? It is cold again. The couple next to us finally gets their order and it is wrong. My steak comes and is pink in the middle. I ordered it Very well done. Sigh.

Last night, we are going to give them one more chance. We arrive at 7:45 PM on a Sunday night and there is no one waiting. We get seated in the Bar area. Drinks come right away. However, there is where it starts going downhill. It takes 22 minutes for our waiter to come to our table. I think “they must be busy.” Wait a minute. Looking around I see only three other couples in this area. There are four employees standing at the desk where they seat you. So that can’t be it. Waiter comes and takes our order. Well, 17 minutes later, we get our Chilli. It is hot this time. Long story short, we finally leave at 9:20 PM.

My observations from last night are as follows:

-They were not busy; employees were standing around talking to each other.

-I saw another couple complaining about it taking so long to get food.

-The best thing was an employee was at the front desk practicing his Kung Fu moves. Classic.

I spoke to a manager at the Florence Logan’s recently and told them my trips to the Muscle Shoals location. He told me “We hear that all the time. It makes our business better.” So sad. Well, I guess I will start going back to Florence to their Logan’s.


  1. Great! A nobody posting a restaurant review. The source means more than the review. Just saying!

    1. This is HD's first review, but we hardly call him a nobody.

  2. We ate at logans in Muscle shoals once, food was awful, a medium well stake came very rare, almost puked in my plate from it, other food was cold and had NO taste at all to it. Manager said he would discount ticket but never did. Needless to say we have NEVER been back.

  3. We ate at the Muscle Shoals Logan's once. It was terrible to say the least. A medium stake was served VERY rare, almost puke in my plate, food was cold and had NO taste at all to it. Kids wouldn't even eat their food. Manager said he would discount the ticket but never did. It was a terrible place and we have never been back. I will gladly take a trip to Florence to eat at Logan's there, food and customer service is 100% better.

  4. Same here, twice back in 2015. Never go back. You would think they would understand that a couple of bad trips is all it takes to lose that customer for good.