Tuesday, March 22, 2016

306 BBQ--Florence

It all started in Athens; it was so good that one location just wasn't enough. Now there are three barbecue eateries that bear the name 306, and one is in Florence.

From their website: Today, 306 barbeque is a full-service restaurant featuring fresh meat and delicious side items cooked daily on-site. The popularity of 306 continues to grow as word spreads about the three guys with a smoker who dish out some fine, southern food. They've come a long way from the driveway at 306 North Lindsay Lane. Justin, Lee, Whitney and their staff are excited to share their story and their wonderful food. Once you experience 306, you'll be ready to help spread the word.

My family and I were eager to try 306 BBQ after hearing so much about it. If you're not familiar with the downtown location, it's in the old McCorkle's Furniture building across from Fred's Discount Store. Due to trouble finding parking it took a while for us to finally eat at 306, but we greatly enjoyed our meal.

The inside is very nice, but not fancy. There is a bar in the back part of the restaurant, but we didn't take a peek into that area for obvious reasons. The late afternoon we went was mid-week and no waiting for a table. I was surprised at the variety on the menu, but we had come for barbecue, so that's what we had and plenty of it.

My husband had ribs and he's usually hard to please, but loved everything he was served. I had the turkey which was also very good.

Any drawbacks? Some of the dishes were a little overpriced, but most were in line with other BBQ joints in the area. Service? It was slow and I somehow wound up with mac-n-cheese the first time out. I hate mac-n-cheese and I wondered how the orders got mixed up when it wasn't that rushed.The second plate the server brought was perfect.

Will we go back? Definitely. I think they still have a few bugs to work out with training servers, but you find that most places. I hope 306 BBQ stays around for a long time, but I see it as mainly a take-out restaurant for most customers.

You can go to their website for a full menu: http://306bbq.com/florence/menus/carry-out-menu

Cherry Pitts  


  1. My wife and I ate there weekend. We arrived at 6:00. One other couple was dining. This was our first experience at 306 BBQ. We ordered at the register and the server asked me to check if I wanted to add a 10%, 15%, or 20% gratuity to my card as I made payment. I chose 20% expecting good service with the restaurant empty. We were handed plastic cups and told our drinks were on the table by the wall; we could help ourself. We seated ourselves and a server shortly brought our food. That was the last contact we had with any staff of the restaurant. We refilled our own drinks and found extra napkins as we needed them. In summary, the food was good but service was nonexistant. Rather irritating when TIP is requested in advance.

  2. I ate there, wasn't impressed