Saturday, June 4, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse--Muscle Shoals: Part III

As you know by now, I have written two previous articles about the bad service/food at the Logan’s Muscle Shoals location. It has been about a month since I wrote the last one. Shoalanda said it was one of the most viewed articles. So I figured someone at Logan’s has shared it. So, to be fair, my guest and I decide to go Saturday afternoon to hopefully give them “a thumbs up” article.

We arrived at about 5:00 PM. We were taken straight to a table. My guest ordered Potato Skins with Ranch Dressing. I ordered Chicken Fingers with Mashed Potatoes (and Gravy) and Chili. The Potato Skins came with no Ranch. My meal came with no Gravy on the Mashed Potatoes along with NO Chili. Our waiter came by the table and we asked for Ranch, Gravy and Chili.

Another waitress came by and we asked for Ranch, Gravy and Chili. She brought us the Ranch and Gravy. Hmm. My Chili is MIA. Finally Chili arrives. It appears that it was nuked in the microwave for so long that the cheese on top is burnt. It is terrible.

So, we ate……….

You know what, screw it. No more Logan’s in Muscle Shoals. There will not be a part 4 article. I give up.


  1. To whoever wrote this article, did you happen to tell your server that you were unhappy? A manager maybe? Or better yet, corporate. You continue to write these posts about your terrible visits but are you actually doing anything to help this server and company? From the sounds of it, you're the type of person who asks for extra ranch, and leaves it un-touched, or asks for a refill with 3 quarters of your drink left. Being an ex bartender/server I've seen it all and learned that you just can't please everyone. If you're not the extra needy type, have you ever thought that maybe that server is running 4 to 5 maybe more tables at one time because a manager sent home 8 out 10 servers on duty because they WERE slow and then got slammed out of no where. You're gonna have that one table that runs you to and fro the WHOLE VISIT and then leaves a measly $2 tip. And all of your other tables go without awesome service because of that one table and they in return also leave $2 when they normally would have left $5+. For Gods sake, let the company and server know what they're doing wrong before bashing them online.

  2. I too have given up on Logan's in MSL. Oh and to the person above I wrote corporate about my experience. If you look on yelp and TripAdvisor this Logan's has horrible reviews. It is not the consumers job to complain in order to get good service and not the consumers fault there is bad management. This Logan's has had more than enough input and time sense opening to have corrected thier ways.

  3. I just like to drink at the bar...the anastasia chick is so nice and it's best service from her so if I see she isn't there I is never good but something tells me it's management period...why not make the nice quiet girl management if she can handle drunks with a smile like a champ?..just a suggestion!