Friday, July 22, 2016

Logan's Roadhouse--Muscle Shoals: Redemption

As you know by now, I have written three previous articles about the bad service/food at the Logan’s Muscle Shoals location. It has been about a month since I wrote the last one. Shoalanda said it was one of the most viewed articles. So I figured someone at Logan’s has shared it. So, to be fair, I decide to go Saturday afternoon to hopefully give them “a thumbs up” article.
I arrived at 5:00 PM on a Saturday afternoon. Walking into the lobby I was promptly asked if I wanted a table or sit in the bar area. I took the bar area since that is where I sat the last couple of times. Sitting at my table a waitress came by and took my drink order. I ordered my food and sat back to see what happened.
Within 10 minutes I had my food. I got the 6 oz Sirloin with Barbecue Grilled Chicken, Creamed Potatoes with White Gravy and Chili. The Chili could have been a little hotter but overall was good. The rest of the meal was great. It had a good taste and was the right temperature. The waitress refilled my drink several times before it ever got close to getting empty.
I am glad to say that I am giving Logan’s in Muscle Shoals a “Thumbs Up.” Keep up the good work.

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