Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wok 'n Roll

Wok 'n Roll is a small Chinese restaurant located at the Seven Points Intersection in Florence.

As a young child growing up in the Wilson community, there was nothing like the thrill of traveling down Chisholm Road to Seven Points in North Florence. One of the first things I would see was the Hardee’s pagoda. I wasn’t very old when that was razed and a larger eat-in version of the char-broiled hamburger heaven took its place. When Hardee’s began to downsize the chain about 15 years ago, I looked for their Seven Points building to be razed, but instead a new name came to North Florence—Wok ‘n Roll.

Wok ‘n Roll calls its cuisine Chinese American, and for years I avoided their drive-thru, not knowing what to expect. When a co-worker handed me a menu one day and I saw cheese sticks listed I decided finally to give them a try.

So just what does Wok ‘n Roll serve? I was really surprised at the menu having so many choices, but as usual when I and my friend decided to have a nice sit down lunch, I ordered the General’s Chicken. It rocked!

My friend just ordered soup, but when I saw the amount and side items I understood how almost anyone could make a meal out of just their soup. Her whole meal cost under 2.00, so this is a great place for UNA students on a budget.

The small restaurant also has Wi-Fi for students and business people on the go. You do have to purchase something to get the access code, which I assume they change regularly.

After my great experience with eating in the small dining room, I decided a few days later to try the drive-thru. I don’t know if I hit it just right or what, but I had only a couple minutes wait. Customers at Micky D’s across the street were growing old while waiting. This time I got the Kung Pao chicken. I did have to reheat it when I got home, but it was still great.

On the down side, outside the soup, I thought some of the menu items were slightly high, at least for lunch. The times I’ve eaten inside the service has been good, but not outstanding. I’ve also had to wait for someone to clean the table even at a slow time.

Now the big question: Is the food better than Rice Box? I’d say yes. Plus it’s so much quicker to get waited on. All in all, Cherry says you have to try it!

Cherry Pitts 

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