Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Return to Taco Bell & the Crazy Little Chicken

It’s been a busy time at work and I volunteered to pick up lunch for some of my co-workers at Taco Bell in North Florence. After placing several orders, one went like this:

Me – An order of taquitos with extra quacamole sauce.

Girl – Extra guacamole sauce is twenty-five cents.

Me – That’s fine.

Girl – We don’t have taquitos.

Me – I think you call them rolled chicken tacos.

Girl – Yes, but we don’t have them anymore.

Me – You had them two days ago.

Girl – Yes, but we discontinued them.

Me – Discontinued as in you don’t have them on the menu anymore?

Girl – That’s right.

I drive to the window just as two employees are changing out the drawer. So I think I’ll try my luck again.

Me – You’ve discontinued your taquitos?

Second Girl – Oh, no. We just ran out of shells Friday night and the warehouse ran out too. They’re really popular. We’ll get them back in eventually.

So I decide to try the Crazy Little Chicken since I hated to come back empty handed for my co-worker. I park, bop up to the door, it’s locked. Then I see the sign. They’re closed for two weeks or so, or even more when I check their Facebook page on my phone. Who knows? At this point, who really cares?

This makes two not so perfect experiences at Taco Bell and the Crazy Little Chicken. Maybe God doesn’t want us to eat Mexican?

Cherry Pitts  

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  1. Crazy Little Chicken has been closed now for over 5 weeks. I doubt they'll reopen. Try Rosie's. No drive thru but great food.