Saturday, December 24, 2016

Legends in Florence

Legends Steakhouse has four locations in Tennessee, with the Florence store being the only one in Alabama. The medium-price eatery is located across from the Shoals Theatre in an old pharmacy that has housed at least three failed restaurants before it. So far this incarnation shows every sign of hanging in there. Is it that good?

My significant other and I decided on a late lunch. We rightly assumed we’d be too late for the cheaper lunch menu, but that is an option if money is tight. You can also opt for just a salad since the Florence location is one of the three stores with a salad bar.

There was no problem getting a booth mid-afternoon, so we looked forward to some quiet time to ourselves. Unfortunately, our waiter decided to make our little outing a threesome for a great part of our visit. On the plus side we now know the restaurant is doing much better with their health scores.

My companion had the sirloin/chicken fingers combo and I had the rib eye. Both steaks were cooked to perfection and the wait wasn’t overly long, though it shouldn’t have been since it was a slow time. We had iced tea, but alcoholic beverages are available for those who are so inclined.

Portions were large, so we debated a desert. Finally, we decided on Key Lime pie. There were several cake and pie items on the menu, but we were told not all were available at the time we went. If this is important to you, you might want to call ahead.

It took a while to get our check, so you may want to ask for it immediately after you’re sure you have finished ordering. We heard some diners complaining about how long it was taking for them as well. The waiter forgot our takeout boxes, so we had to wait a little longer still. By this time it appeared the early dinner crowd was coming in, so next time we'll try our “late lunch” a little earlier.

My date had been before, but it was new to me. Will I go back? Yes. My one complaint is that the wait staff needs better training. I understand there are often coupons online and elsewhere, so consider watching for those. 



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