Friday, March 10, 2017

Mr. Hui's Chinese Buffet

You may not be familiar with Mr. Hui's since the restaurant's signage isn't that great. Mr. Hui's, pronounced Mr. Whee's, is located in the former Peacock Express Buffet on North Pine Street in North Florence. Currently there's only a canvas banner to tell patrons of the new name and owner.

I hadn't eaten at the Peacock Express, so I really can't compare the two eateries, but my friends all say the food and service is much better. I can only comment on what I experienced during my recent visit. We went at lunch and the buffet was well beyond what I had expected as far as variety and freshness. I asked if I could see a dinner menu and the server promptly brought me a copy to take home. I call that real service.

Since I'm not that adventurous, I stuck with my favorite General Tso's chicken and wasn't disappointed. I can say that this dish puts the Rice Box to shame, but that's not all that hard to do. Again, it was really fresh, hot, and tasty. I don't think you could beat it in Huntsville.

One of my friends tricked me into trying something with Mr. Hui's hot sauce. Let's just say that if you like it hot, this is the place. My server was very happy to keep my water glass filled. Again, I can't say enough good about the service here.

Now about the lighting. I had driven by the old Peacock Express more times that I can count and have always enjoyed the neon lights at night. There's similar lighting inside the restaurant. I think I was lucky to have my first experience during the lunch hour when there was at least some sun trickling through the windows.

The colored lights take a little getting used to. I finally decided that I liked the atmosphere, but I would advise those who have any kind of aversion or seizure disorder to tread carefully at this restaurant.

Finally the pricing: While not the cheapest in town, the prices here are well below some other buffets. I would think most college students could afford this eatery. It would be a place I could easily afford every weekday if I worked nearby. The dinner menu was obviously a little higher but still very reasonable.

I'm giving Mr. Hui's four and one-half stars out of five. I highly suggest you try it.

Taylor Swifter Duster

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