Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oh, My Goodness...

Those three words describe the most wonderful dining experience I have ever had. Ever.

Last Friday afternoon my wife and I were driving to Tennessee to visit her mom. On the way my wife asked me if I thought one of the towns that we had to pass through had any Italian restaurants. Knowing that town fairly well, I offered her a half-hearted laugh and suggested ‘Ryans’. Little did I realize that I had just set myself up to be amazed. My wife struck gold...literally, via tripadvisor, of course. There was indeed an Italian restaurant in the above-alluded to town. Talk about a well-kept secret!

She made reservations for 7PM. On entering the restaurant I immediately felt ‘underdressed’. I didn’t need to worry, as one patron was wearing overalls. However, the atmosphere, decor, etc ( a lady was playing a Baby Grand) of the restaurant were straight out of New York City. It was fabulous. Even more fabulous was the menu (which changes every 6 months). After several minutes of pondering I settled on ‘Grilled Pork Tenderloin with asparagus and potatoes’. My wife had ‘Greek Steak Gorgonzola’. For dessert we chose ‘Creme Brulee cheesecake’. Afterwards, my wife actually wanted to lick her plate….and mine! Everything was THAT good. Total damage to our bank account for dinner, dessert and two glasses of Merlot? $63.00.  That compares favorably with a well-known ‘chain’ of Italian eateries. The ‘chains’, however, CANNOT hold a candle to the QUALITY of the food and overall experience of this restaurant.

So WHERE is this gem of an Italian restaurant, and WHAT is its name? Would you have ever guessed ‘downtown Corinth, MS’? It is called ‘Vicari’s’. Is it worth the hour drive from The Shoals for dinner? If you don’t think so after your meal, I’ll pay for your gas. How’s that for a recommendation?

Editor's Note: We don't usually post reviews with the name at the bottom rather than the top, but J. wrote the review this way, and we like it!

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