Thursday, June 15, 2017

306 BBQ - Another Take

306 Barbecue has two remaining locations open - Hwy. 72 in Athens and downtown Florence. Our friend L. Stone who writes regularly for us offered a great new critique.

I took a family member there for his birthday lunch a couple of days ago. The food was pretty good. I don't think their pork is spectacular, but it's far from bad and the sides (slaw and green beans) were very good. While I was there I ran into a friend who suggested that we try their apple casserole. It was listed as a side, but it was more like a dessert. It was very good. 
I've eaten at the Florence location one time, back in the fall when we went to a UNA game to watch the halftime show. Afterwards a stop at 306 was in order and I got some Brunswick stew. It was good, but a little spicy for my taste. I'd still order it again. I probably would have ordered more but Trowbridge's was next door.
I thought the Florence location was a little pricey, but if the suckers will shell out for Rosie's then 306 should do well with better food and better prices. Just eat there early so you can get dessert at Trowbridge's before they close. 
Hopefully they will cater to UNA (literally and figuratively). They are close enough to get a lot of business from that community. If they can crack that they will do very well.
L. Stone

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