Saturday, August 12, 2017

Outlaw Barbecue - Spring Park

Outlaw Barbecue is located in a walk-up location in Spring Park in Tuscumbia. Check the restaurant's Facebook page before going since hours vary.

I first saw the Outlaw BBQ in Spring Park when I was with my husband. At first he didn't want to eat there since you have to take your food back to your car or eat on the deck with all the flies in summer. I had finally convinced him to give it a shot when he saw the logo. My husband said only wild hogs have tusks and they weren't inspected. My thought was the restaurant couldn't sell meat that hadn't been inspected by USDA and I wasn't convinced about the tusk thing anyway, but by then my husband was sure the owners were Arkansas fans and he's a Bama freak, so we left.

Fast forward to last week and a workmate and I were in Tuscumbia during lunch time. I convinced her to try it (not hard since she loves BBQ as much as I do). We decided to play it safe the first time and and just order sandwiches.

On the plus side, the sandwich was hot and the bun was soft. On the negative side we each asked for inside meat and didn't get it. That's not the worst thing in the world since the sandwiches were still good and filling, not the "Krystal" size that some places serve. We had sweet tea and it's hard to go wrong there either. It was just right.

Prices were in line with similar restaurants, but since this place has low overhead I had expected them to be a little cheaper. Good food is worth it, so that's not a major problem either, but here's the kicker.

Before we left, I walked back up to the front of the place to write down some menu items for this review. Then I saw the Health Score. It was 83.

Now this is almost a brand new restaurant and its health score is 83? I didn't have a chance to talk to anyone about it since we had to get back to Florence. I don't usually eat anywhere with a score lower than 85 and my husband is even pickier.

If the bottom line for you is health scores, call before you visit Outlaw Barbecue.

Cherry Pitts


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