Sunday, October 15, 2017

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe'

Taziki's Mediterranean Café is a fast casual chain of franchised restaurants based in Birmingham, Alabama, that specializes in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. As of early 2017, the chain has 77 locations in 16 states. The Florence location is located on Cox Creek Parkway.

Like many people in the Shoals I've eaten at Taziki's in Birmingham and was delighted to hear that Florence was getting a franchise. I'll admit to being not so delighted at the location. It's high traffic, but very hard to get in and out of during peak dining hours. I'll wager you a lamb pie that many would-be diners just give up and go elsewhere when they're in a hurry.

If you've already been to a Taziki's and know you like (or love) the food, I'd suggest you first go to Sam's and buy one of the cafe's gift cards. You pay just under $40.00 for a $50.00 card. Mix that with a luncheon special and you have two very nice meals out of it as my wife and I did. 

One non-food caveat is the size of the restaurant. I'm a large guy and I felt cramped. I asked my wife, who's a small lady, but she had no complaints on that issue. Next time I'll know to sit on a aisle so I can extend my legs a bit. You also get quite a load of other diners' conversations, but that's not uncommon anywhere you eat.

We both ordered the steak "feast" and were not disappointed in the size of the total meal, but the individual meat pieces are small and easy to be overcooked. I thought mine was a little overdone, but my wife loved hers. While the entree' menu is definitely Mediterranean, the side items and drinks are pretty much same ole, same ole, as far as I could tell. A Coke is a Coke is a Coke.

Service was very good and the manager was on the floor, which is always good. Everything appeared spotless--another plus. If you want pick up, Taziki's has an app for that. 

Overall, I'd give the sandwich chain four stars out of five. I'll definitely go back to spend the other half of the gift card, but will try for later in the day when it's not so crowded.



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