Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Trips to Capt. D's in Muscle Shoals

Memorial Day weekend was about to begin and I had finished up my Muscle Shoals deliveries around 3:00, so I decided to give into a craving for a Captain's Catch Fish Sandwich at Capt. D's. There was no line and I was waited on immediately. I didn't even have to walk back to the counter to get my meal - the young lady who had taken my order brought it to me.

The sandwich was delicious, no surprises there. I watched as the girl walked around the dining room wiping the tables. I found out that her name was Laken and she was keeping everything spotless. I couldn't have found a crumb in the entire place. It was then I decided to write up my experience on Quad-Cities Cuisine even if what I had was what most people would call bland food.

But before I could write the blog I had another client in Muscle Shoals and decided to try Capt. D's again. It wasn't exactly as good an experience.

This time I went later in the day and by 4:30 people had begun to drift in. A young man was behind the counter this time and he was having difficulty keeping up. After I got to a table I discovered that buzzers were going off randomly and diners were flocking back to the counter needlessly. While standing in line behind some of these, I noticed that the health department score was only 80. Uh-oh!

I didn't see Laken this time and noticed not only crumbs all around the dining area, but also half empty trays on some of the tables. Sure that was the diners' fault, but apparently no one was even trying to clean off any of the dining surfaces. It didn't make for an appetizing meal.

So how would I rate it? I assume if it's slow, you get a good experience. If it's not so slow, you get something quite a bit less. And the health score? I'll leave that one up to you to make your own decision on.

Cherry Pitts 

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