Thursday, February 19, 2015

George's Steak Pit

From their website: G

George’s Steak Pit was founded in the mid 1950s by George and Vangie Vafinis and has been in the same location for over thirty years. After many years of hard work, George and Vangie retired in January 1984. The tradition has been carried on since that time by their son, Frank Vafinis. One of the secrets to their success is the famous open pit. Grilling your freshly cut steaks, chicken and fresh fish over hickory logs assures you of a taste sensation you will not soon forget. Combine this with freshly breaded seafood, extensive wine list, delicious home made desserts and courteous, professional service and we believe you will enjoy a dining atmosphere that will bring you back again and again.

The wine list is not that extensive but I challenge you to find better matched wines to their menu offerings. The front staff are always helpful, pleasant and efficient. Another thing I like about George's is that almost every time I eat there Frank (the owner) drops by to personally inquire about the quality of my dining experience.

My last visit, I had calamari to start, followed by a filet . It was cooked perfectly, just a touch more than rare, and practically melted in my mouth. You can tell that they cook over real hickory, and the taste is amazing. They also make their own dressings here (or, rather, some of their own dressings). I tried the Roquefort dressing (fancy blue cheese) and it was fabulous. They have the dressings for sale to go as well, and I was tempted for sure. I rarely have room for deserts but the last time I had the cheese cake and a George's coffee, it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

The service was attentive but not overbearing, and the ambiance was very nice. My two quibbles: the tables are really close together, so the noisy family behind us was a bit of a distraction and I thought that the music was a bit too loud for a nice restaurant like George's.

Overall, I thought it was fabulous, and will definitely go back. Really good steaks are getting harder and to find, so I highly encourage you to go experience for yourself what a fifty year old business model looks like today. George would be proud.

Erika V.

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