Tuesday, March 3, 2015

McDonald's - North Florence

It was sad to lose North Florence local color when McDonald's took up residence at the Seven Points intersection. The golden arches seemed a poor replacement for the quaint giraffe building that had stood there for years. The restaurant is always busy, but I've never been sure it was a really good neighbor.

I'm writing this review from a booth while eating. I've been here about 15 minutes in some very strange circumstances. The air conditioning is broken; since I've been here an employee has reportedly walked out, as in quit, over the working conditions. An employee behind the counter said it was the fourth worker today to walk out. I saw two managers chase the wayward employee into the parking lot. Two days ago, part of the ceiling had fallen in after the thaw. Buckets were in booth seats to hold the water, some of which splashed onto the tables.

All in all, the food is standard Mickey D's fare. The health rating is in the upper range. Yet there is always drama at this restaurant. If you want a quiet place to have a quick meal before heading to work or home, this isn't it! If you like the drama, I highly recommend it.

Loretta L.


  1. This is why my son walked of the job yesterday . After six months of this location he couldn't take it anymore .

    1. I don't understand. This is my favorite coffee supplier. They seem well managed and quick.
      Jackson Roads

  2. Sounds like he did well to stick it out for six months...